Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Pretty Little Liars Spring Finale

Okay if you aren't aware of what Pretty Little Liars is or PLL as it's often referred to as then this post is not to tell you what I'm talking about but still feel free to read. Pretty Little Liars is a book series written by Sara Shepard primarily geared towards teenage girls. Basically there is a group of girls who are all stalked and threatened by someone named A. ABC Family made the series into a TV Show a couple years ago and it just aired the Spring Finale. If you're not already a fan feel free to catch up but don't read further until you do. If you are a fan and not caught up, I suggest catching up. If you're all caught up feel free to read further if you wish.
So my take...first of all so frustrated we still don't really know who A is...although I realize the show would have to end if we really knew. Yes I understand the Easter Egg but is it really him? IDK seems too far fetched. But then again who is this "Charles" person really? And where the heck are the girls being held? How will they get free as there cannot be a whole season with them locked up? What will Tanner do now that she knows the truth? Will Ali be let go if Tanner can prove Mona is alive? So many questions left unanswered...
And all this brings me to, I must catch up on the books as some of the questions might get answered even though I'm sure the show has veered a lot from the books. I caught up to the first A reveal and I know the show did that differently but the rest is a mystery to me until I read the books to catch up. I just really hope the show is wrapped up in a satisfying way when the time comes. I see the final book was just released in December but good to know if I read the rest straight through I will eventually get to an end at least with the books.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

My first Avon PRP Gala

Today I had the honor of taking part in my first PRP Gala for Avon. This event is an award celebration that celebrates Avon reps and their efforts in their businesses. Particularly in their sales and leadership achievements. I was honored with a special award: The Spirit of Avon. I was so surprised when it was me who won. Totally unexpected! I am so honored to be the one representative in my district who was chosen. Looking forward to future celebrations!