Thursday, May 5, 2016

Teach Thursday: Teacher Appreciation Week and Teacher Gift Ideas

Last year I never got around to sharing my teacher appreciation haul and here it is that time of year again already. In this post I will share the gifts that I received and hopefully give you some ideas on how you can show appreciation to your teachers or your child's teachers. Usually, something small and inexpensive is the way to go and shows a great deal of appreciation. I know I enjoy the small things myself. 

Last year I received this flower with a ruler tucked inside with a note that said, "Thank you for helping <child's name> grow. It was super cute and a nice unique touch!

At my current school, we have a day where we receive a bouquet of flowers. The bouquet is formed by each child bringing in a flower or two of their choice and adding to an empty vase until the vase is full and there is a bouquet that the teacher gets to take home. 
On the left is my bouquet from last year and on the right is mine from this year. This year a student gave me a pipe cleaner flower that will last beyond the life of the real flowers and was a nice touch.

Something else my current school does is give the teachers gift cards. A gift card is always a nice touch and teachers usually appreciate them. Below is my gift card haul from last year.
This year we got two unique cute gifts. One of them was a bag of cookies with a cute message and the other was an adult coloring book with colored pencils and another cute message. The pictures are below.

We also were surprised with the parents decorating our classroom doors this year.

It truly is the small things that mean the most. Thanks for reading!