Tuesday, December 27, 2016

How I get through the Christmas Season

My main advice is to remember that it is just a season and that before too long the season will be over and it will be January and a New Year. For my full advice watch my video below that is a replay from my Periscope account. Follow me on Periscope and Twitter @amandabeautytip. 

Monday, December 26, 2016

My favorite things about Christmas

I absolutely love the Christmas Season! As I was celebrating Christmas yesterday with my family I realized just how much Christmas as an adult is definitely about the people you are spending time with and less about the gifts you give and get. I am in that transitional phase of adulthood where I don't have children yet to make the holiday all about them, but I am also no longer a child excited for Christmas morning and getting everything I asked for on my list. This year was the first year I really didn't ask for anything because I just didn't need anything. I feel I ended up with a very nice Christmas and I hope that others out there did as well. If you don't celebrate Christmas, I still hope you are enjoying this time of year with your family no matter what holiday or holidays you are celebrating. 

Quick Video about How I feel about Christmas:

Quick Video about my favorite things about Christmas:

What are some of your favorite things about this time of year? Comment on this post to let me know!

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Must See Christmas Light Displays in the RVA area

Some of my favorite displays in the Richmond, VA area:
-Lewis Ginter GardenFest
-Tacky Light Run Midlothian, VA
-Illuminate Light Show & Santa's Village in Doswell, VA (this one is still one I need to visit)
-Monument Ave and the Richmond Downtown Grand Illumination

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Are you holiday ready?

I originally made this video in October 2015. I know it's a little late for this year as well, but I wanted to share. Are you holiday ready? With just two days left before Christmas it is time to decide are you ready for the holiday? What is on your to do list? What is left to do?

This year, I have to say I think I am ready. Gifts are bought, minimal wrapping to do (Gift Bags are awesome) and I am ready to spend the time with family and loved ones. I get out of the cooking too since I go to my parents and grandma's house. My parents don't really cook a big meal on the holiday usually because my mom usually cooks a big meal a couple days before for my dad's birthday on December 23. My grandma usually makes a ham and a few sides for lunch but still overall fairly minimal. 

Are YOU holiday ready? Share in the comments...what is on your to do list every year?

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Christmas Traditions...

Christmas is right around the corner! I decided to share a couple of videos from last year as well as one from this year where I share some Holiday Traditions for my family. What are your traditions? Feel free to comment on this post...

Who has family ornaments?

The original Elf on the Shelf...

More Traditional Stories from Christmas' past...

Monday, December 19, 2016

Christmas Treats...

My mom and I make Peanut Butter balls almost every year in time for the Christmas Holiday. Yesterday, my mom and I made 145 to eat and share with friends and family. Who doesn't love chocolate and peanut butter and sugar? 

What are your favorite Christmas and holiday treats? 

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Three Tips for Holiday Shopping

Three Tips to Make Holiday Shopping Easier:

  1. Make a list of who you are shopping for...
  2. Brainstorm/Ask what you want to get for your list.
  3. Support small businesses while doing your holiday shopping.

Below is my video from Periscope Follow me there @amandabeautytip:

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Make Your Grocery List Around Your Weekly Meal Plan

As I said in the video below that is a replay from Periscope, I keep my meal planning very simple. I usually plan it in my head and don't write it down. I think about what I plan to make for the week and then make my grocery list based around that plan. I also don't go grocery shopping without a list. When I go shopping I stick to the list as well. For more tips follow me on Periscope @amandabeautytip