Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Thanksgiving Plans

What are your plans for the Thanksgiving holiday? I will be spending the time with loved ones. What are your family traditions?

Growing up, I would help my mom in the kitchen to cook the desserts and side dishes that she would make for the dinner while watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. My mom usually makes cranberry salad and then a pie or two. She also used to make Macaroni and Cheese and still does make Green Bean Casserole and the dressing. When I was growing up we would go have lunch with my uncles and mom's mom and then we would have dinner at my dad's parents house. Now I am down to one grandparent (my dad's mom) so the past few years we have just had dinner at her house with my dad's family. 

Last year marked the first year I woke up away from home on Thanksgiving morning, I watched a bit of the parade and then I went home for the day and still helped just a bit in the kitchen. 

This year, I know I will be spending time with family but have not figured out my exact plans yet. 

Here is a video I did where I share my Thanksgiving Plans on Periscope:

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Live Life One Day At A Time

It is important to live life one day at a time. I'm not saying don't schedule things ahead of time or don't look forward to the future, but it is important to not focus on the past or future and to live in the present. We don't want to dwell on the past as it has already happened and we don't want to worry about the future as it has yet to happen. I have found lately that it is best to focus on the present and what is happening in the present and then don't regret things later. 

Here is a video I did on Periscope awhile back:

Monday, November 23, 2015

AVON Holiday Products

I am super excited for the Avon Holiday product line-up! We have lots of great decor and gift items for the holidays! My favorites are probably the ornaments and collectible items. I have been sharing videos on my YouTube channel and I will continue to share videos. Now is the time to get these items as they are already starting to sell out! 

Here are some of the videos:
Avon Living highlights:

Avon Campaign 24 highlights:

Mark Magalog 12 highlights:

Check out the full line-up NOW at Receive free shipping on all orders of $40+! 

You can easily find the holiday products by going to the category "more" and then "Holiday" and there is Sub-Categories under that category for stocking stuffers, under $5, under $10, etc. We have stuff for men, women, and kids!

Be sure to register at my website to receive special offers via email including free shipping and other coupon codes. 

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Sunday, November 22, 2015

SSSVEDA Replay Links

In August, I took the Savvy Sexy Social Vlog Every Day in August Challenge. I started late so my first video catches up on the first nine days. I also missed some days here or there so some of the videos have more than one topic so that I could still do all of the topics. 

What is Savvy Sexy Social? It is a business started by Amy Schmittauer and she is a personal branding and content marketing coach with advice on branding yourself online. You can learn more about Amy and her business here:

Back in August, Amy started a challenge to Vlog every day and she gave us daily topics to Vlog about. What is a Vlog? A video blog! And guess what this challenge was my start on video blogging! I had dabbled in video marketing before the challenge on my YouTube channel:
Now however, video has become a huge part of my life and personal brand. I am now on an app called Periscope that is growing in popularity. It is an app through Twitter that allows you to film broadcasts that are live stream videos. The SSSVEDA Challenge was my start on Periscope! Now my following has really grown and I see it growing every day! You can follow me on Periscope: 

Here is my first video with the topics for days 1-9 (topics listed below) and you can check out the rest at my YouTube channel or by clicking on the hyperlinks that lead to the videos below. Thanks for watching and feel free to comment on this post below or on my YouTube videos! And definitely join me on Periscope! I look forward to connecting with you! 

These were the daily assignments:
Day 1--Introduce yourself!

Day 2--Morning or Night person?
Day 3--First App you check every day
Day 4--Favorite Activity and Season in your city?
Day 5--Favorite Book You've Read in the Last Year
Day 6--Book you look forward to reading
Day 7--iPhone, Android, or Windows
Day 8--Twitter or Facebook?
Day 9--Instagram or Vine?
Day 10--Mac or PC?
Day 11--What bores you?
Day 12--What excites you?
Day 13--Hardest part about what you do?
Day 14--How did you find and how has it helped you?
Day 15--Coffee or tea?
Day 16--Person you most want to have a drink with who is alive?
Day 17--Person you most want to have a drink with who is dead?
Day 18--Your favorite country you've ever visited
Day 19--What country do you want to visit?
Day 20--Favorite way to relax?
Day 21--Eat in or Eat Out?
Day 22--If someone gave you a gift that gave you a happy dance, what would the gift be?

Day 23--Favorite motivational quote
Day 24--Last thing that made you laugh
Day 25--Introvert or extrovert
Day 26--Blue pen or black?
Day 27--If you had an extra $100 to spend every week on yourself, what would you spend it on?
Day 28--Favorite fitness activity
Day 29--Dress for success or comfort
Day 30--Person you geeked out upon meeting?
Day 31--What have you learned from SSSVEDA?

Saturday, November 21, 2015

How do you spend your weekends?

I'm just curious how does everyone spend their weekends? Do you work? Relax? Spend time with family? Seriously, comment below on this post what you do on the weekends.

I spend my weekends in a variety of ways. Primarily, I try to use the time to work my direct sales businesses and get my online presence going. I often do vendor shows or yard sales on Saturdays during the peak seasons. As I move into the winter months, I will be doing more to work on online things and blogging, etc. My primary time to do these things is on the weekend because I work full time during the week and while I may do a few things here or there during the week, the weekend is my primary time to do these tasks. I just try to make the "work" fun. 

I also do try to find some down time on the weekend and read and watch television. Again since I don't have time during the week for such things, it's nice to find a few hours on the weekend to do these things. Relaxation is important so I do try to relax a little.

Plus, the weekend is my time to do chores and clean and do laundry. During the week, I simply do not feel like doing these chores so I get them done on the weekend. Who else uses the weekend for these tasks?

And I do spend time with family on the weekends as well. Every Sunday I go to church for Sunday school (I teach the Nursery class) and then spend an hour or two or three at my parents house to spend time with them. 

Watch my video about the importance of using your weekend time wisely if you are running your own business and finding time on the weekends to do tasks that will move that business forward:

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Are you here from Periscope? More about me...

Hello! Are you visiting from Periscope? Thanks for visiting and learning more about me! This blog is my main personal blog, but I do have other blogs as you can see if you look at the sidebar and the websites listed. I know I've mentioned my main other blog in my Periscope scopes as well. On this blog, I post a lot of random things about myself, my businesses, travel, cooking and recipes, and lessons I've learned in life and business. 

My name is Amanda Davis and I am 27 years old. As I've mentioned on Periscope, I am a full time preschool teacher and I am also in the direct sales industry. I have been in the industry for four years. The last couple years I have strongly been working on online marketing and finding new ways to market myself online and set myself apart from others. I enjoy Periscope because it allows you to interact with others and essentially meet new people worldwide. It is such a cool platform! I also love it's simplicity and appreciate that it is so easy to use.

Not sure what Periscope is because you're reading this on my blog page? Don't worry! Periscope is a new mobile app that is connected to your Twitter account and allows you to livestream video and interact with those that are watching you through the app. Check it out at

If you are on Periscope and are not already following me you can visit me at and my username is @amandabeautytip. 

I scope about various topics in lots of different areas. Sometimes it's a random scope or sometimes it's a tips scope or something I'm sharing from one of my direct sales companies. I am a member of PeriGirls so a lot of my scopes are for that group. Not sure what PeriGirls is? It is a group of women supporting other women on Periscope and you can join at which will redirect you to the Facebook group. The group provides ideas on what to scope about, tips, training, and a great community of women supporting other women. 

Are you here from Instagram? A little bit about me...

By the way my Instagram name is adavis0493. :-)

Hello! Thanks for clicking on the link from my Instagram account to learn more about me. My name is Amanda Davis and I am 27 years old. I am born and raised in Virginia in the United States. I share a lot of different things on my Instagram account, so you're probably curious what I'm all about. I know I've shared some posts about my pets. At my apartment I keep a small fish tank. The other pets live at my parent's house and I occasionally post pictures of other people's pets if they are cute. :-) 

You've probably figured out from my account that I am an Avon Representative. I have been an Avon Independent Sales Representative for four years so far and loving it! If you are interested in something I posted on my account or just looking for some Avon and live in the USA then you can visit my website at 24/7.

I also enjoy sharing about my journey of learning how to cook and cooking various recipes. Besides what I post here I do have a cooking blog as well as I love using Kitcheneez products for the simplicity. Kitcheneez is another direct sales company. I joined about two years ago (September 2014) primarily for the personal discount and I do enjoy the products! If you are interested in learning what sorts of dips and meal mixes they have to offer then check out my affiliate link at

Be sure to check out the links in the sidebar of this blog for everything about me and links to my business pages, blogs, etc. 

Thanks for reading and following me!