Monday, December 28, 2015

What would I like to learn how to do?...Snow Skiing and Tubing

Each day the PeriGirls Periscope group gives you a daily assignment to scope about on Periscope. Today's assignment was to discuss what I would like to learn and I chose to discuss Snow Skiing and Tubing. Why would I want to do these activities? My parents went snow skiing pre-children and I have seen pictures and it looks fun. I also have friends that have gone and told me how fun it was when they went. I used to go water skiing when I was younger and that was a lot of fun so I think I could definitely snow ski if I was to learn properly and go to the right place. There are several ski resorts in both Virginia and West Virginia nearby so maybe one day I will learn. :-)

Watch my video discussion below (about five minutes):

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Have you joined the Periscope community?

What exactly is Periscope?

Periscope is a mobile app that is used to live stream video to followers and viewers world wide. Viewers can interact with you by giving hearts (shows they value what you are sharing) and by commenting so you can see and respond immediately. It is through Twitter so you can easily connect it to your Twitter account for each live broadcast to be shared using that account so viewers can join you. 

To learn more about what Periscope is watch my YouTube video below and also visit the official website 

How do I join Periscope?

You can easily join the app by downloading the mobile app from either the Apple store or Google Play on your mobile device. Once installed you will sign in either using your phone number or Twitter account (I definitely recommend connecting it to your Twitter from the start) and then you can immediately start viewing other Periscopes and broadcasting your own. 

Why should I join Periscope?

This app lets you connect with others worldwide and is a great networking platform. In just five months I have grown my followers to over 350 and I have also grown my Twitter followers because of the actions I've taken on Periscope. 

How do I follow you on Periscope?

My username is @amandabeautytip
You can view recent replays and watch online at

Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas! What are your Christmas Traditions? How are you celebrating this year?

Merry Christmas everyone! What are your family traditions? How are you celebrating this year?

One tradition is for me to attend the Christmas party for my best friend's family. This year marked twenty years that we've known each other which feels crazy! We had a lot of fun a couple of weeks ago and this year I got to share the tradition with my boyfriend. 

A second tradition for the last few years is for my mom to make Peanut Butter balls at some point during the holiday time. She made some last weekend and they are amazing as always! Chocolate and peanut butter...mmm...yummy!

As far as the tree, my family usually gets a cedar tree the old fashioned way (cutting it down from the woods) and they usually get it the weekend before Christmas and leave it up until New Years Day. The past couple of years we finished decorating the tree on Christmas Eve. 

Christmas morning traditions have changed since we were little. When we were little my brother and I would wake up at like 6am and then wake my parents up so we could open presents. We then opened all of our presents, ate breakfast, and played until it was time to go to my grandma's house around 10am. Then, we'd do it all over it again there and return home and either go to my other grandma's house or she would come to us. Since becoming adults we wake up later ourselves and therefore start later. We sometimes even save a gift or two for later in the day. We still go to my grandma's around 10am, but unfortunately the other grandma passed in 2008. Christmas Day is all about the family time though. 

Here is a video where I share some Christmas Traditions:
Here is a link to my playlist of videos that are similar to the one above sharing how my family is doing Christmas this year:

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Time is Here! Some of my favorite Christmas Carols and Christmas Movies

With Christmas being tomorrow, I wanted to share some of my favorite Christmas movies and Christmas Carols. What are your favorites? Feel free to comment on this post what your favorites are...

Favorite Movies
My all time favorite Christmas movie would have to be National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. This movie is just too funny and brings lots of laughs! A close second would have to be A Charlie Brown Christmas which celebrated 50 years this year! Charlie Brown is a classic that is loved by many. 

EDIT: I can't believe I forgot about A Christmas Carol and the story of Mr. Scrooge! That has to be my favorite Christmas story. I like most versions but my favorite ones are probably the Disney version and the Donald Duck version. 

A favorite from my childhood would be The Santa Clause with Tim Allen. The original one is the best, but I have watched the second and third movies and they are good as well if you are looking for some good family friendly movies to watch. 

Of course we can't forget The Grinch. I have to say I like the original cartoon version, but I also enjoy the version with Jim Carey. 

A newer movie Prep and Landing is a cute movie about the elves that prep the sites for Santa to make deliveries. This is another good cute one for the kids to watch. There is also a sequel movie that is also cute. These are also only about 30 minutes long when airing on television so it isn't a long time for little ones to sit. 

I also enjoy the classics Rudolph, Santa Clause is Coming to Town, Frosty, etc. And funny enough I used to hate Rudolph because I was scared of the evil snowman. Lol. 

Some other favorites include Elf, Polar Express, I'll be Home for Christmas, and Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer.  

Favorite Christmas Carols
My all time favorite Christmas Carol is Christmas Canon by Trans-Siberian Orchestra. I think this song really gets us in the right frame of mind for what Christmas is really about.

I have really fond memories of We Wish You A Merry Christmas! My brother and I and for a while my cousins as well used to go with my grandfather and deliver peanuts to the offices that were in office buildings he owned and some other business related people and we would sing We Wish You A Merry Christmas at every delivery. 

I love all of the classic religious songs Oh Holy Night, Silent Night, Oh Little Town of Bethlehem, Joy to the World, Hark! The Harold Angels Sing, etc.

I also enjoy the children favorites Rudolph, Frosty the Snowman, Jingle Bells, Santa Clause is Coming to Town, Oh Christmas Tree

Basically, if it's a Christmas Carol I enjoy it, especially the older classic carols. It's hard to pick just a few to mention and pin down as favorites. 

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Thankful for the little things in life...

There are many things to be thankful for in life. Personally, this year I am thankful for all of the little things. I am thankful that I have a roof over my head, a job, a supportive network of friends and family, food, and for the most part health. I am thankful that I have been able to meet some incredible people this year and that I have been able to grow my online networking. I am thankful that I have a fresh start every day and the chance to change things that aren't working. Even though sometimes it feels like things aren't going the way they should, it is still nice to know that overall I have a lot of things to be thankful for in life.

Here is my video replay of my Periscope from Thanksgiving morning where I mention some of these things that I am thankful for this year:

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