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Blogging 101 Quick Tips By Amanda Davis

Why Blog?

There are many reasons that people may want to start a Blog. Some reasons are more personal and some reasons are business related. Some people start a Blog simply to share their thoughts while others start a Blog to grow their online business and reach potential clients. 

There are four main reasons that I have found on why people start a Blog:
  • Express your thoughts and opinions
  • Grow online followers
  • Find business leads
  • Connect with your audience on a personal level
For more information on why someone may start a Blog including a short video explanation READ MY ARTICLE BY CLICKING HERE

Why Blog For Business?

There are three main reasons you may want to Blog for your Business:
  1. Connect with your audience (i.e potential customers and team recruits) on a personal level 
  2. Find New Customers
  3. Find New Team Members
For more information and a short video on Why Blog For Business? CLICK HERE

Choosing a Platform

When looking to choose which Platform is best for you, you have to think of a few main things. The following are some questions to ask yourself.
  1. What is my purpose for starting the Blog? (Personal or Business)
  2. Do I want a FREE Option or a Paid Option? (This will determine which types of platforms to look into using)
  3. Do I have a website I am already using that I can easily add a Blog component to? (This is the easiest route if you already have a website...just tack a Blog onto the website)
  4. What are the Terms of Service for the Platforms I am considering? (You want to be aware of these as if you violate Terms of Service then your content could be lost if the hosting company decides to delete it. Your purpose may determine if your content will pass the Terms of Service.) 

Choosing Blog Topics

You can Blog about virtually anything. Most people share their experiences some how. Some people may just Blog about their daily lives, like a public journal. Some people share recipes and cooking tips. You find Blogs with pretty much any content. As far as your own personal Blog you have to first determine the purpose of your Blog. The following are some basic ideas for those just starting out.
  • Reviews of things you do, movies you see, books you read, etc.
  • Product reviews
  • Tips for others in your industry or just in general Life Hacks
  • Repurpose content from other areas such as a video you did on Periscope (you will see I do this a lot myself)

A few more quick tips

  • Be careful of Image use (the best images are those you create yourself or take yourself due to Copyright laws). However, do use images as they will enhance your writing
  • Just share what you know. Your readers want you to be you, not pretend to be someone you aren't so do be yourself when writing.
  • JUST DO IT! 
Thanks for reading! I do appreciate it! Please do check out the rest of my Blog especially the About Me page and the Home Page to see my latest Blog posts! Thanks again! 

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