Monday, June 27, 2016

Blogging 101: Why Blog? Topic 1

Why Blog?

If you are new to blogging and the concept of blogging, you may wonder Why Blog? In this post and attached video I share four main reasons that people may blog. The video is less than three minutes long and a quick summary of the reasons listed below. 

Why Blog? Four Main Reasons

  • Express your thoughts and opinions
  • Grow online followers
  • Find business leads
  • Connect with your audience on a personal level

Express your thoughts and opinions

Probably the most common reason that people blog is to express their thoughts and opinions. These are considered personal blogs and consist of a variety of topics. Think of it as reading someone else's journal online. This is the reason that this blog was started to express my random thoughts and opinions on a variety of topics.

Grow Online Followers

A second reason that people start blogs is to grow online followers. There can be a variety of reasons that people want to grow these followers but there is a reason that the person blogging wants to grow their follower list.

Find business leads

Another reason that people start blogs is to grow business leads. Most people are looking to gain customers using their blog, but network marketers and direct sales consultants may also be looking for people to join them in the company. 

Connect with the audience on a personal level

If you are blogging, chances are you are looking to connect with your audience on a personal level and a great way to do this is by your words. Reading someone's blog posts, especially personal narratives you can get to know the people you are following. It is part of the power of Social Media, Blogging, and Live Streaming. 

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