Friday, June 24, 2016

Memories of my Childhood and my Dad in Honor of Father's Day 2016

First of all I have to say, "How is it June already?" This year has truly flown by and I cannot believe we start July at the end of next week. Now onto the topic of this post. Father's Day was last Sunday. My family gathered at my parents house and we had a lovely late lunch/early dinner thanks to my mom. We spent quality time with my Dad and had a wonderful day. My Dad has always been there and I know that as long as he is living I can count on him and my mom. I could go on and on when it comes to memories but for this post I am going to share two videos from my Periscope account and briefly summarize those two memories for you. I hope everyone had a wonderful day with their own families and that you enjoy these stories from my childhood. 

My Dad and Hunting:

My dad took me hunting when I was younger. I never went deer hunting with a gun myself, but I did tag along many of times. My dad still enjoys bow hunting for deer and will probably hunt until the day he dies. Hunting is just something I have grown up around so I will never think it to be a bad thing, but I will say there is a difference in the hunter that hunts to eat and the hunter that hunts to kill. My dad enjoys fresh deer meat and when he kills something someone ends up eating it and it isn't just left or thrown away. In the following video I share a quick hunting story from one of my trips with my dad when he killed a 10 point Whitetail Deer. 

My Dad Rescues Us From a Snake:

Isn't that one thing men are for? To save us women from creepy crawlies? Lol. As I said in the video, most creepy crawlies I will take care of myself, but sometimes it is still nice to have help. In the following video I share a story about how my dad saved us from a Copperhead snake that had gotten into our house. Luckily nobody was harmed except the snake. 

Like I said above there are many memories of my dad that I could share but these were the two that came to mind for the Periscope PeriGirls PGHonor week honoring Dads and Grads. PeriGirls is a community of women that use the app Periscope that support each other on the app. If you are a woman on Periscope, you can join us at My Periscope handle is @amandabeautytip. 

Thanks for reading and following me! I truly appreciate it! ~Amanda Davis

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