Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Happy New Year! Reflecting on 2016...

10 Highlights...

  1. Moving to a new place!
  2. Getting a new job as a private Kindergarten Teacher
  3. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and Harry Potter and the Cursed Child
  4. Reaching 1,000,000 Periscope Hearts
  5. Reaching 500 Periscope Followers
  6. Reaching 2,000,000 Periscope Hearts just before midnight on December 31, 2016
  7. "Meeting" Wonderful women on Periscope
  8. Being on the PeriGirls Heart Tribes and Heart Tribes 2.0 Leadership Council
  9. Meeting my cousin's baby girl
  10. Discovering adult coloring

10 Disappointments...

  1. Missing out on a good job opportunity before I got the one I did end up getting
  2. Not reaching 1,000 Periscope followers by the close of 2016
  3. Not reaching the sales goals I wanted to for Avon
  4. Not reaching the sales goals I wanted to for Kitcheneez
  5. Deciding to give up my third Direct Sales business
  6. Not seeing my friends as much as I'd like
  7. Losing some of my direct sales customers (although I realize people will come and go when it comes to clients)
  8. The TV Show Containment being canceled without it being able to be wrapped up
  9. The end of Vampire Diaries (yes I realize the finale will air in 2017 but it is still the end of an era of TV)
  10. The end of Bones (same as number 9 I realize the actual final season is airing in 2017 but it was canceled in 2016)
On number 9 and number 10, I am just glad both series are given the opportunity to wrap it up as best they can.

3 Game Changers...

  1. Moving into the one year old class before I left my one job to take the Private Kindergarten one
  2. Periscope and Live Streaming!
  3. Getting my new job as a Private Kindergarten teacher

3 Things You Focused On...

  1. Periscope
  2. Blogging and Learning
  3. Work

3 Things You Forgot...

  1. Have fun! Yes, I did have some fun, but I definitely could have budgeted out more time for fun.
  2. Reading...definitely didn't read enough in 2016
  3. Days of Our Lives...I used to watch the show religiously. The forgetting actually started at the end of 2015 and I got way behind. When I moved I was about 3 months behind so I had to read what happened and for the first time in many many years I missed a huge chunk of episodes. I am still a couple months behind going into 2017 looking to catch up. 


In 2017, I plan to focus on growing my direct sales businesses. I plan to do better with Blogging. I plan to continue to use Live Streaming to grow my online presence. I plan to exercise more. I will focus on being successful. I am taking what I learned in 2016 and applying it in 2017.

Happy New Year! What are your reflections on 2016? What are you taking into 2017? 

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