Sunday, February 12, 2017

February Periscope Goals and January Results

January 2017 Results:

I gained 24 followers and over 100,000 hearts. 

February 2016 Results:

 I gained 60 followers and just over 111,000 hearts.

February 2016 to February 2017 Growth:

In a years time I have gained many hearts and over 400 followers. So awesome!

Goals for February 2017:

My goal is to get to at least 900 followers, closer to the overall 1K goal. I do not have a hearts goal this month. I attribute the growth to being a part of the PeriGirls and PeriGirls Heart Tribes communities as well as PeriNewbies and PetLoversTribe. When you find a group, you will gain a following and support group. Thanks so much to everyone that has and is supporting this journey! 


  1. What an inspiring level of growth Amanda. I think you're right about finding a group and participating in it! A pleasure to know you.

  2. Love this! Great points about the benefits of a community that supports, uplifts and challenges you with your goals.