Sunday, March 26, 2017

My thoughts on the Vampire Diaries Finale and The Originals New Season 2017 (WARNING Spoilers Included)

A couple of weeks ago, we said farewell to The Vampire Diaries. At this point, I'm thinking most fans have already watched the episode so I think it's safe to talk about it. So here are my thoughts. I really got frustrated with the final season. I wasn't big on The Sirens and I was frustrated they kept breaking apart Caroline and Stefan. Then, when it was revealed that Nina Dobrev would be Katherine in the last couple episodes for most of the time and not Elena I was a little frustrated about that at well. That being said, in the end I think I am pretty happy with how it all ended. They all found peace. Was it weird how the ending ending was? Yes, but my take is that they lived a happy life and then they all found peace instead of going to hell when they grew old and died. I was sort of mad when it was revealed that Stefan died to kill Katherine leaving Caroline alone, but then we were given hope for Caroline when Matt says at the end of The Vampire Diaries series finale how Klaus donated to her school and there was another story to be told. Did I hate Klaus and Caroline together? Yes, but if this means there can be hope for her character, I am all for it. That leads me to The Originals premiere. Such a great episode, especially airing one week after we say goodbye to The Vampire Diaries. I am glad The Originals decided to catch up the timeline and fast forward five years. Now that we have seen the older Hope and a new witch child was revealed, I hope this is a sign that we will get "the story" Matt was talking about at the end of TVD and Caroline's school will be where Klaus decides Hope needs to learn her magic. It has already been confirmed that Alaric will show up this season on The Originals to tell Klaus about the school (hence his sending the donation letter to Caroline we see in the TVD finale). I think it would be great to see the kids interacting with each other (Alaric's daughters, Hope, and the new witch child that was revealed in The Originals premiere). The second episode of this season of The Originals wasn't as exciting but I am glad Haley was able to get all of the siblings back together and safely to her home with Hope and I look forward to seeing where it will all lead. 

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