Sunday, July 20, 2014

Book Review of Tools for Teaching by Fred Jones

Hello. Is classroom management something you struggle with? Do you not struggle, but want to become a better classroom manager? Are you a new teacher? If you said "Yes" do any of these questions, then I recommend that you read this book by Fred Jones.

I came to know the book, because I took part in a professional development workshop in my county. Our workshop was six meetings long and allowed for us to watch videos you can get to supplement the book, as well as talk about the book and what Fred Jones meant and share our own stories, strategies, and advice. It was awesome doing it in this format. If your school system or school doesn't offer such a thing then after you read the book see if you can get something going.

Now onto the book. This book is great! It's a funny read and an easy read! I'm sure most teachers will definitely relate to what Fred Jones talks about in each chapter. The book gives great strategies and tips on how to setup a classroom, how to set expectations, and how to maintain classroom management in the classroom. I loved it! I'm even using some of the strategies in a Preschool classroom, so it's really for ALL teachers. I wish that my professor's had shared this book with me when I was a student. Now is the time to read it before the new school year begins! I WISH I had this at the beginning of my teaching career!

Amazon has more GREAT reviews for this book. Definitely a must read for ALL teachers!

Also, he has a companion website with some more great resources:

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