Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter 2016!

Happy Easter everyone! I hope you enjoyed your time with friends and family and loved ones today. I had an early dinner with my mom and brother and spent some time with my dad as well. The food was wonderful as always since my mom cooked. We had turkey, stuffing/dressing, mac and cheese, green beans, and rolls. It was super yummy and of course I took leftovers. 

Growing up my brother and I always had an Easter basket like the one in the picture and this year we still had one to share at 26 (almost 27) and 24. We also usually did egg hunts and decorated eggs every year. 

I did go to church today as well. My family usually would go to church on Easter growing up too. I was raised in a Christian family and still identify with the faith so it is important to remember what Easter is really about the sacrifice. The main thing I have always enjoyed about Easter is the family time. 

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