Thursday, January 28, 2016

Teach Thursday: Choosing the Right Teacher Education Program for You

Are you thinking of becoming a teacher? I have been teaching for three and a half years and I have a Masters degree in Early and Elementary Education. I wanted to share some tips on choosing the right teacher education program for you.

Summary of Points from the Video:

  1. Look into requirements where you live. What is required to teach in your area?
  2. What level do you want to teach? Early childhood, K-12, Elementary, etc.?
  3. Do your research on teacher education programs you are looking at attending.
  4. What do you want to teach and what is your major going to be? This one will depend on what requirements are needed to teach in your area.
  5. For K-12 programs I recommend getting your Masters degree or higher. 

Friday, January 22, 2016

Vlog: Meet my Furry Friends (The Pets in My Life)

Here is My Vlog Video Sharing My Pets:

The current pets in my life are Kodiak, Bob, Troy (black lab that is my brother's dog), and my beta fish. I will always be a lover of cats and dogs and definitely enjoy Labrador Retrievers. 
Kodiak is a chocolate lab. He will be seven years old in April 2016. He lives with my parents.

Bob is really more my mom's cat, but he is now the only cat in my life as my cat Tiger passed back in November.

Not in the video, but this is my current fish. He is a beta and I've had him almost a month since the end of December 2015.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

My Favorite Restaurants

This was a replay from back in September 2015. It is crazy how much I have grown since starting on Periscope. This was a PeriGirls Daily Assignment topic to share some of your favorite restaurants. Most of the places I mentioned were "chain" restaurants that have locations around the United States. 

Usually when I go out to eat, I tend to go to some of the same places. I also tend to go for American food (steak, burgers) that kind of thing. I do every once in awhile feel like going out for Mexican or Italian food. 

The favorite local restaurant I mentioned was Capital Ale House which is well known in the RVA (Richmond, VA) area. There are three locations in the area. My favorite dish to eat there is their french fries with dips made out of mayo. That is an appetizer. As far as main dishes, I usually get a sandwich or a burger and sometimes a steak. 

Watch the VLOG Replay to hear more:

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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Tip Tuesday: Some Basic Tips I've Learned About Periscope

Here are some basic tips I've learned since joining Periscope back in August 2015. Here it is January and I feel so accomplished on this platform! I have been scoping consistently every day since November 2015. I was at 250,000 hearts on January 3, 2016 and now two days later I am already past 260,000. I've reached these goals by doing the following suggestions:

1) Scope often (at least once a day)
2) Give some value in your scopes
3) Connect with others by following them, watching scopes, giving hearts, and being present on live scopes (comments). Also, be constructive and not a bully or as they are called in Periscope world a "Troll" because you will be blocked.
4) Reciprocate hearts and follows as much as possible because this will get viewers to follow you back as well as come back again and again.
5) Be consistent.
6) Join a support community for Periscopers. This will get you follows and hearts fast! 

Here is the replay of my Scope: