Saturday, November 21, 2015

How do you spend your weekends?

I'm just curious how does everyone spend their weekends? Do you work? Relax? Spend time with family? Seriously, comment below on this post what you do on the weekends.

I spend my weekends in a variety of ways. Primarily, I try to use the time to work my direct sales businesses and get my online presence going. I often do vendor shows or yard sales on Saturdays during the peak seasons. As I move into the winter months, I will be doing more to work on online things and blogging, etc. My primary time to do these things is on the weekend because I work full time during the week and while I may do a few things here or there during the week, the weekend is my primary time to do these tasks. I just try to make the "work" fun. 

I also do try to find some down time on the weekend and read and watch television. Again since I don't have time during the week for such things, it's nice to find a few hours on the weekend to do these things. Relaxation is important so I do try to relax a little.

Plus, the weekend is my time to do chores and clean and do laundry. During the week, I simply do not feel like doing these chores so I get them done on the weekend. Who else uses the weekend for these tasks?

And I do spend time with family on the weekends as well. Every Sunday I go to church for Sunday school (I teach the Nursery class) and then spend an hour or two or three at my parents house to spend time with them. 

Watch my video about the importance of using your weekend time wisely if you are running your own business and finding time on the weekends to do tasks that will move that business forward:

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