Sunday, November 22, 2015

SSSVEDA Replay Links

In August, I took the Savvy Sexy Social Vlog Every Day in August Challenge. I started late so my first video catches up on the first nine days. I also missed some days here or there so some of the videos have more than one topic so that I could still do all of the topics. 

What is Savvy Sexy Social? It is a business started by Amy Schmittauer and she is a personal branding and content marketing coach with advice on branding yourself online. You can learn more about Amy and her business here:

Back in August, Amy started a challenge to Vlog every day and she gave us daily topics to Vlog about. What is a Vlog? A video blog! And guess what this challenge was my start on video blogging! I had dabbled in video marketing before the challenge on my YouTube channel:
Now however, video has become a huge part of my life and personal brand. I am now on an app called Periscope that is growing in popularity. It is an app through Twitter that allows you to film broadcasts that are live stream videos. The SSSVEDA Challenge was my start on Periscope! Now my following has really grown and I see it growing every day! You can follow me on Periscope: 

Here is my first video with the topics for days 1-9 (topics listed below) and you can check out the rest at my YouTube channel or by clicking on the hyperlinks that lead to the videos below. Thanks for watching and feel free to comment on this post below or on my YouTube videos! And definitely join me on Periscope! I look forward to connecting with you! 

These were the daily assignments:
Day 1--Introduce yourself!

Day 2--Morning or Night person?
Day 3--First App you check every day
Day 4--Favorite Activity and Season in your city?
Day 5--Favorite Book You've Read in the Last Year
Day 6--Book you look forward to reading
Day 7--iPhone, Android, or Windows
Day 8--Twitter or Facebook?
Day 9--Instagram or Vine?
Day 10--Mac or PC?
Day 11--What bores you?
Day 12--What excites you?
Day 13--Hardest part about what you do?
Day 14--How did you find and how has it helped you?
Day 15--Coffee or tea?
Day 16--Person you most want to have a drink with who is alive?
Day 17--Person you most want to have a drink with who is dead?
Day 18--Your favorite country you've ever visited
Day 19--What country do you want to visit?
Day 20--Favorite way to relax?
Day 21--Eat in or Eat Out?
Day 22--If someone gave you a gift that gave you a happy dance, what would the gift be?

Day 23--Favorite motivational quote
Day 24--Last thing that made you laugh
Day 25--Introvert or extrovert
Day 26--Blue pen or black?
Day 27--If you had an extra $100 to spend every week on yourself, what would you spend it on?
Day 28--Favorite fitness activity
Day 29--Dress for success or comfort
Day 30--Person you geeked out upon meeting?
Day 31--What have you learned from SSSVEDA?

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