Sunday, December 27, 2015

Have you joined the Periscope community?

What exactly is Periscope?

Periscope is a mobile app that is used to live stream video to followers and viewers world wide. Viewers can interact with you by giving hearts (shows they value what you are sharing) and by commenting so you can see and respond immediately. It is through Twitter so you can easily connect it to your Twitter account for each live broadcast to be shared using that account so viewers can join you. 

To learn more about what Periscope is watch my YouTube video below and also visit the official website 

How do I join Periscope?

You can easily join the app by downloading the mobile app from either the Apple store or Google Play on your mobile device. Once installed you will sign in either using your phone number or Twitter account (I definitely recommend connecting it to your Twitter from the start) and then you can immediately start viewing other Periscopes and broadcasting your own. 

Why should I join Periscope?

This app lets you connect with others worldwide and is a great networking platform. In just five months I have grown my followers to over 350 and I have also grown my Twitter followers because of the actions I've taken on Periscope. 

How do I follow you on Periscope?

My username is @amandabeautytip
You can view recent replays and watch online at

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