Monday, December 28, 2015

What would I like to learn how to do?...Snow Skiing and Tubing

Each day the PeriGirls Periscope group gives you a daily assignment to scope about on Periscope. Today's assignment was to discuss what I would like to learn and I chose to discuss Snow Skiing and Tubing. Why would I want to do these activities? My parents went snow skiing pre-children and I have seen pictures and it looks fun. I also have friends that have gone and told me how fun it was when they went. I used to go water skiing when I was younger and that was a lot of fun so I think I could definitely snow ski if I was to learn properly and go to the right place. There are several ski resorts in both Virginia and West Virginia nearby so maybe one day I will learn. :-)

Watch my video discussion below (about five minutes):

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