Thursday, November 20, 2014

30 Day Blog Challenge: What are you afraid of

I have to be honest there isn't very much I'm afraid of. I don't really like the obvious bees, mice, and spiders but at the same time when facing these things I tend to be fine. I was the only one of my roommates when I had roommates that had no qualms about setting a mouse trap and then and disposing of the mouse. I just walk away from bees and other annoying insects. Spiders I will catch and put outside if possible. I don't really have phobias of these "scary" animals. The main thing that I would have to say I'm afraid of is being older and feeling like I didn't do what I needed to in life. If you know me personally you may be surprised that this would be a fear of mine, but it is definitely a reality. You never know where life will lead you and I just don't want to regret anything when I am older reflecting back on my life. What are you afraid of? Comment on my blog to share...

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