Tuesday, January 6, 2015

30 Day Blog Challenge: What's Inside My Fridge

As of the writing of this post, this is what's inside my fridge (see picture above). So yeah, you can probably tell I don't cook much (well at least as much as I probably should). This is also the most stocked my fridge has been in quite a while. So I have my staples of butter, mustard, ketchup, milk, juice, water. I currently also have some dressing and jelly. I also have many varieties of cheese (I love cheese!). I actually have some eggs (yeah not a staple for me). And I actually have some sausage links and bacon. Fruit wise I just added some grapes and I have some clementine tangerines. The Coca Cola is mainly for my boyfriend when he comes over, but I will sometimes drink it as well (besides water juice is my main drink though). As for the freezer it's basically empty...currently there are just some frozen Eggo Waffles and a couple of Banana Popsicles. 

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