Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Jewelry in Candles...Have you heard of it?

Have you heard of Jewelry in Candles? This past summer, I found Jewelry in Candles (JIC) on Facebook in a Direct Sales group. I was intrigued by the concept of revealing Jewelry in a Candle, so I clicked on the link and decided to buy the candle. It was the Watermelon candle in the picture on the left. When I got the shipment, it was like Christmas, I was so excited to burn it and see what I would reveal! I lit the candle and burned it down and as soon as I could I took out the foil, unwrapped it, and I revealed the ring in the picture on the right. I love this ring! So pretty! It was such an exciting experience that I shared the picture with the representative that I had bought it from as well as on my personal social media pages. At the time, I knew that I'd be a customer again because it was so exciting and fun! 

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