Saturday, November 19, 2016

30 Days of Thankful 2016 Day 19...Nature and Earth Day 7 months late :-p

Today I am thankful for nature! Nature can truly be beautiful! We must take care of our environment! Back in April, the PeriGirls celebrated Earth Day with topics for each day during the week that Earth Day fell. During that initiative, I learned so much about composting, gardening, ideas for upcycling, and of course reminders of reduce, reuse, recycle! Pinterest has a lot of fabulous ideas for upcycling as well! I have been to three beautiful gardens in my lifetime. Maymont park and Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens are both in Richmond, VA. The Elizabethan Gardens are in Manteo, North Carolina by the Lost Colony. I enjoy taking pictures of flowers and also watching them grow. When I ever get a house, I will be sure to maintain a garden with as many hardy plants as possible since I do not do but so well with indoor plants in 

Here is the playlist of videos from April that I did for the Earth Day celebration:

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