Tuesday, November 15, 2016

30 Days of Thankful Day 15/Day 2 of Global Entrepreneurship Week

I know the other day I said I was thankful for educators of all sorts. Today I am thankful for coaches! Coaches are a special brand of educators! Not only do they teach but they mentor others and coach them to success! Today I am thankful for the leaders and coaches that are part of my life! A huge part of direct sales leadership is being able to be a coach and teach others what you do and mentor them through their journey. For me this is where a lot of that coaching comes from but I know for others it comes from other areas of life. There are sports coaches for example. In my teaching experience when I have been paired with mentor teachers this is another form of coaching. The teachers that are veteran teachers are your mentor to coach the new teacher through learning to be a teacher. I am thankful for everyone that has coached me either personally or by coaching several others at the same time and being a leader and mentor in their industry!

Day 2 of Global Entrepreneurship Week and the celebration in the PeriGirls group for Periscope and Live Streaming focuses on your Business Teachers. Here is a shout out to some of mine!: 

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