Tuesday, August 30, 2016

August Favorites Day 30 of the #SWMBlogChallenge

So my take on this topic is to share some of my favorite things about August. I feel that August is a transition month. The transition from the summer into the fall and new beginnings. Each season you can start anew and begin again. Something that was my favorite part of this August has actually been this Blog Challenge because it has allowed me to stay consistent on my Blog and I have actually stuck to posting almost daily this month which has been amazing! I will try to be better about holding myself accountable as we go into the Fall. Thanks to Amanda Smith for creating this challenge for us! I have enjoyed getting to know some of the other participants better and I hope they have enjoyed getting to know me better as well! 

This challenge was created by Amanda Smith of Spark Within Me--https://sparkwithinme.wordpress.com/

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