Saturday, August 6, 2016

Someone who inspires me---My Grandma, may she rest in peace---#SWMBlogChallenge Day 6

My Grandmother Campbell truly inspires me. She loved history and she was a great role model. She was a big influence on my life growing up and I will always remember the impact she made on my life. She doesn't have a special story, she was just her, but she did do wonderful things with her life and raised four children and five grandchildren. She was a major part of all of our lives and took us as her grandchildren on boy scout trips (my cousin), on day trips (my brother and I), and she was always there when any one of us needed her. My brother and I spent many summer days at her house growing up and I spent my ninth grade year going to her house after school every day. I can only hope to be the kind of mother and grandmother she was one day. Here is a video I did back in May for the PeriGirls PGHonor initiative "Honoring the Women in Our Lives" where I talked about this grandmother. 

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  1. I have a deep appreciation for Grandma's who just give that wonderful unconditional love.

    1. Thanks Dana! She was definitely one of those Grandma's. :-)