Sunday, August 7, 2016

My Favorite Recipe Day 7 of #SWMBlogChallenge Mac and Cheese Davis Family Style

So I do not have a picture of it, nor do I have the exact recipe at this moment, but my favorite recipe by far is the Davis Family Mac and Cheese recipe that has been passed down in my family. I can tell you what it consists of though. We of course have macaroni pasta noodles and cheese (we prefer Sharp cheddar). Then, we add a dash of milk and canned diced tomatoes and the juice. It is super yummy and is a nice twist to your traditional mac and cheese. One day, if I don't forget I will try to update this post with the exact recipe and a picture of it. :-)

This Blogging challenge was created by Amanda Smith at Spark Within Me


  1. My Emma is a vegetarian who thrives on anything cheesy these days. I would LOVE to try this twist to Mac and Cheese! Once I made mac and cheese for her student newspaper and I brought a variety of toppings they could add, so it was like a "mac and cheese bar." It was a hit!