Saturday, August 13, 2016

Days 12 and 13 of the #SWMBlogChallenge Something I miss and Something I look forward to...

The topics for August 12th & 13th were to share something you miss and something you look forward to in your life. Since I missed posting on the 12th and since these topics were related I decided to go ahead and combine them into one post. :-)

First let me answer something that I miss. Something I miss is the simplicity of childhood. As a child, you don't have to worry about adult things like bills and work and life. You can live pretty care free and enjoy your time however you wish watching tv, playing video games, hanging out with friends, etc while the adults in your life worry about the adult things like finances and getting food on the table and a living space, etc. Sometimes I wish I could be a kid again, but then I remember how as an adult I have the freedom to do mostly what I want within reason. Sometimes us adults just don't want to worry about "adulting". What I truly miss is the simplicity of things. 

As far as something I look forward to, the main thing I look forward to at this point in my life is getting married and starting a family. I hope for this to happen in the next three years (by the time I turn 30) and I do have a prospect in my current relationship. Nothing is written in stone yet or planned but I see some things coming together. 

This challenge was created by Amanda Smith of Spark Within Me--

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